Tariff Classification

Ensuring that the commodities that you import are classified correctly within the Harmonized Tariff, is one of the most important aspects of your company's interaction with SARS.

Not only does the correct classification of imported goods determine your duty and other liabilities, but SARS have been clamping down on incorrect classification of goods being exported.

Tariff classification must be done strictly in terms of the six general rules of interpretation and leaving this task to inexperienced personnel and to solely rely on your clearing agent to classifiy your products, may cause financial harm to your company.

Contact us to have your tariff classifications of both your imported and exported goods reviewed to provide peace of mind, identify possible savings and ensure compliance.

We will, after our review, inform you as to any possible incorrect classifications and advise the way ahead.  Normally we will advise that applications be submitted to SARS to have the products correctly classified by them and that a firm tariff determination be issued.

We also will lobby on your behalf for duty reductions, increases, impositions and aplly for a specific tariff to be split into more specific provisions to provide beter control and statistical information.